Being Dad



It had been over a month that our baby Cesc had became part of the family, beingĀ dad is so far one of the most fulfilling moment in my life.

Having kid opens my eyes to so many things. Before, I think I know how much my parent love me and my brother, but after having my own kid, I so realized that I previously didn’t fully understand their love, their sacrifice.

I’m glad life had bought Siriporn and Cesc to me and feel very committed to be better person, better dad, better husband, better son.

Ps. Thanks Kosit for the photo


Life is short

Came across this poster of a quoted from Siqi ChenĀ in a picture of MergeSpace (a co-working space in Pai Thailand) and Loved it.



Starting Over

After left abandoned for so long, I think it’s time to start this blog over again.

In current era of super fast updates on Twitter/Facebook status/Instagram, starting to blog (again) seems very old school. But blogging force us to really think about the topic we’re saying, instead of carelessly post a complains on Twitter, or random cats/dogs picture on Facebook. And that’s what I hope to do here.

For those looking for old contents, they are available at separate domain (

Till next time.